The 3920 features new enhancements that provide test professionals with more test capabilities integrated into one system, as well as extended analysis range and file management functions. The next generation of the Aeroflex 3900 Series, the 3920 replaces the 3901 and 3902 Radio Test Sets. While providing new features and functions, the 3920 continues to perform all the tests previous capable with the 3901 and 3902, including TETRA Mobile Station, Base Station and Direct Mode test features. An optional 3 ½ digit DMM function includes the ability to measure AC and DC voltage, current as well as resistance. AC voltages up to 150 V rms and DC voltages to 150 V can now be quickly measured using the easily accessible front panel connections or via GPIB and Ethernet commands. Additionally, the 3920 provides measurement of current up to 20 amps (with optional external shunt) and as a fully automated ohmmeter capable of measuring from 0 to 20 MW. The 3920 is fully protected against over voltage or current conditions with an easy to access front panel fuse. The 3920 also provides new capabilities to export files to USB drives and connect external USB input devices for even easier operation of the 3920. Located just below the optional DMM ports, the USB interface provides easy front panel access as a standard feature. Additionally, the 3920 offers extended audio input ranges for measuring and analyzing audio signals with extended range inputs of up to 30 V rms. With this added capability, the 3920 can be used for analyzing high level audio signals including measurements for AF Frequency, AF Level, SINAD, Distortion, Hum and Noise and Signal to Noise Ratio. The 3920 provides RF operation from 10 MHz (usable from 100 kHz) to 1 GHz standard, with OPT058 providing the ability to go to 2.7 GHz. Designed as a software-defined radio test system, the 3920 supports AM and FM analysis as a standard feature, but optionally provides extended test capabilities for new digital radio communication systems including TETRA, Project 25 and Motorola’s HPD® technologies. The 3920 also emulates the now discontinued Agilent 8920A/B series in test capabilities and GPIB commands, with over 90 percent of the 8920B commands emulated by the 3920. The 3920 is fully CE and UL compliant. Price and availability The 3920 Digital Radio Test Set is available eight weeks after receipt of order. For pricing, contact your local Aeroflex sales office by visiting or calling Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352.