Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC today announced the launching of its next generation pulsed IV/RF measurement system. The AU4550 Pulsed IV/RF System will offer Auriga customers state-of-the-art measurement science in a compact, versatile, and highly adaptable desktop-sized package. The AU4550 utilizes Auriga’s synthetic instruments to protect customers’ investments as technology continues to advance. Larry Smith, director of test systems for Auriga said, “The AU4550 Pulsed IV/RF System is a great example of where Auriga is going with its R&D efforts. We listened to our customers, who wanted smaller and less expensive solutions, but still demanded better functionality. Then our Auriga engineers made it happen and we’ve already shipped three systems to early-adopters.” It became clear early in the development cycle that this product is well positioned to solve customers’ issues, as during discussions with several key customers regarding the features and functionality of the AU4550, the talks turned to pre-launch sales. “Auriga’s sales, marketing and engineering teams have already made this launch a success,” said David Menzer, president of Auriga, “but, a special thanks needs to go out to our early AU4550 customers and our sales channel for helping us align this product with our market. We’re really excited about the potential of this pulsed IV/RF system.” The AU4550’s easy upgrade option to pulsed IV/RF measurements will be released later this year. When the RF option is added to the base AU4550 instrument, the entire pulsed IV/RF system will fit in a 1.3 meter rack, less than half the size and a fraction of the cost of the industries’ one-system predecessor.