Leveraging more than 75 years of chip design experience, Auriga offers its customers a complete solution for designing and producing microwave components. This design and characterization expertise provides all necessary measurements for prototype development and beyond. Auriga has successfully introduced MMIC components for X-band through Q-band applications to various customers. Led by Auriga's Director of Modeling and Design, Dr. Yusuke Tajima, the design team works closely with the world's leading foundries to offer chips that meet each client's specific requirements. These design services may be as in-depth as necessary, from chip design to prototyping and MMIC chip manufacturing. In-house testing provides small signal and large signal measurements for modules and MMIC chips using an on-wafer probe station: · Small signal and noise parameter measurement · Large signal measurement including single tone and multi-tones · Distortion measurement using modulated signals such as CDMA · Temperature forcing Auriga's project involvement may include: · Design and/or layout of chips to client specification · Complete mask generation for foundry process · Management of wafer processing and screening process at foundry · Complete characterization of chips · Screening and packaging