The Lizard™ is a portable, battery-powered 1 watt CW (Continuous Wave) stimulus transmitter used for indoor coverage testing. The Lizard™ is ideal for WLAN set-up and evaluating network performance. In a typical application, one or more Lizards are placed throughout an area of interest and set on different channels; while measuring and recording field strength using one of BVS's portable signal strength meters such as Mongoose or Ultra-Lite. . Completely self-contained module design . Dynamically adjustable power control from 1 milliwatt to 1 watt output . Infrared remote control adjusts power output, frequency and on-off >25 feet . Super bright 128 x 128 graphic LCD with backlight . Removable rechargeable 9.6 volt battery (standard Makita Ni-MH) . Light-weight design is ideal for "stick-up" applications . Includes rudimentary modulation (on certain models) . Precision output held to within + 0.5 dB