The Crocodile™ is an ANSI-95 CDMA transmitter that is ideal for simulating a CDMA Base Station with its Pilot I and Q modulated output and assignable PN Offsets. The transmitter is housed in a high impact, water resistant case, operates from AC or battery power and is ideal for field use. Available in either PCS or Cellular, the Crocodile™ is able to simulate all 512 base stations with definable PN offsets (64 chip increments), rubidium stability and full VSWR protection. A CW option allows Crocodile to transmit in either CDMA or CW all from one portable unit. · CDMA (IS-95) Pilot I and Q modulation signals · Optional CW transmission capability (effectively an intergrated Gator CW Transmitter) · Assignable PN Offset · Power amplifier with continuously adjustable power output ± 1.0 dB · Supervisory circuits monitor and shuts down the PA under error conditions · Rubidium time base · 8-channel GPS receiver (differential ready) · Available in either PCS or Cellular band · Compatible with the Super Eagle Pilot Scanner · VSWR antenna protection and internal forward and reverse power measurement · Powered from 110-240 VAC or battery · Built-in thermal overheat protection for the PA · Adjustable remotely via RS-232, internal modem or signaling tones · Weighs only 24 pounds