The MS2721A is the first fully-functional handheld spectrum analyzer designed to conduct highly accurate analysis on the new wave of wireless LAN and cellular signals, including 802.11a, 3G, ultra-wideband, WiMAX, and wireless medical patient monitoring systems. The MS2721A is ideal for AM and FM broadcast proofing because the wide dynamic range, makes NRSC measurements on analog signals easy with no need for an external carrier notch filter. Options add spectrogram, signal strength and RSSI. A user definable channel scanner option that is excellent for interference mitigation work in complicated RF environments.The next generation of Anritsu's best selling Spectrum Master, the MS2721A is a small and easy to use portable spectrum analyzer with unprecedented measurement capability for applications up to 7.1 GHz. Weighing in at less than 7 pounds, it is equally at home on the engineering bench and in the field.