Souderton, PA — Novermber 9, 2009 —AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation offers several products with a level of accuracy, dependability and versatility not found in competing products for use in EMC testing.

Variable Rate Impulse Generator Provides Exceptional Versatility
AR’s Model 533X-11M (10 kHz – 1 GHz) variable repetition rate impulse generator is a calibrated broadband signal source that is used primarily as a calibrator when performing substitution type interference measurements. It has a variable pulse repetition rate from 50 Hz-5 MHz or it may be triggered by the power line frequency, an external trigger source or manually. The availability of these various operating modes is what makes Model 533X- 11M so much more versatile than other impulse generators. The unit is used as a calibrated broadband signal source; a calibrator for substitution type broadband interface measurements; receiver bandwidth measurement; and for rapid gain checking of tuners.

Leak Detector System Effectively Tests Shielded Enclosures
Leak Detector Model CL-105/CL-106 tests shielded enclosures at their most likely points of degradation – the seams, doors, and filter connections. The System consists of a transmitter, receiver, antenna probe, a flex antenna extension, headphones, and a durable carrying case. The high sensitivity of the receiver enables it to meet the most rigid MIL standards for shielded room acceptance. The system is built to withstand even the most adverse conditions. It is designed to allow replacement of the antenna probe shield when worn, a feature that can save money for users down the line.

Radio Noise Meter Measures Broadcase Band EMI Pollution For The Power Industry
Model NM-21FFT Radio Noise Meter is extremely sensitive and simple to operate. The unit operates at one fixed frequency, either 834 kHz or 1000 kHz. It can be special ordered with a fixed frequency anywhere in the 600 – 1500 kHz range. The absence of broad frequency coverage eliminates all tuning and calibration requirements. It also enables the circuitry to be designed for high image rejection, high IF rejection, low spurious response, and high overall accuracy. The unit is hand-portable, withstands rough field use, and has low (5 watt) power consumption.

The 533X-11M, CL-105/CL-106, and NM-21FFT are manufactured by AR Receiver Systems and sold through AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation.