LOWELL, Mass. – October 29, 2007 – Tyco Electronics today announced that it has shipped the 2000th M/A-COM SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) SMR-5550i microwave receiver. The M/A-COM SMR-5550i has all the necessary features for reception of complex order, high data rate PCM/TDM and high capacity FM/FDM communications signals as well as telemetry to radar intercept applications. The receiver covers the entire 1-18 GHz frequency range in tuning steps as small as 10 kHz. “We are pleased to celebrate this tremendous milestone and take pride in knowing that the M/A-COM SMR-5550i receiver has withstood the test of time in a number of Department of Defense applications,” said Rudy Hallenbeck, SIGINT product line manager, Tyco Electronics. “Our goal since we introduced the SMR-5550i to the market has been to provide a low cost, high performance receiver model to the industry, and we feel that we have been successful in this endeavor. We look forward to the continued success of the SMR series and are confident our products will remain dependable for many years to come.” M/A-COM’s SMR-5550i features low group delay distortion and low phase noise characteristics necessary to ensure virtually error-free reception of digital modulated signals over a wide dynamic range of received signal strengths. All of the SMR-5550i’s major assemblies are connected to facilitate field repair and module replacement. Mechanical construction, shielding and filtering techniques assure EMI/RFI compliance with MIL-STD-461C. Pricing and Availability Please contact Tyco Electronics’ M/A-COM products domestic and international sales channels for price and delivery information. Data sheets and supporting technical documents are available online at http://www.macom.com/sigint.