Hollis, NH--UltraSource, Inc. a supplier of custom thin film circuits and ceramic interconnect devices, today announced the release of a new brochure which details their road to Lean Manufacturing. Anyone with an interest in Lean Manufacturing principles, and the challenges and rewards in implementing them, will find this informative four page brochure a handy reference. In it, UltraSource reviews the personal journey towards Lean and outlines some key achievements along the way, including a 475% increase in a critical productivity metric. Readers will also learn how documented operational procedures are leveling workloads and visual communication boards and "Kaizen" meetings are revolutionizing the operational culture of the facility. A list of valuable reference books on Lean and TPS (Toyota Production System) is also provided. The free brochure can be requested by calling 1-800-742-9410, or it can be downloaded at www.ultrasource.com