ISCO's Proteus RF Digital Signal Processor enables optimal performance even in the harshest RF environments, by adding intelligence to a previously neglected wireless transceiver component: the Rx feed from the RF preselector to the radio. By functioning as an intelligent front end to the radio receiver, the Proteus adapts the uplink channel to optimize Carrier to Interference ratio (C/I) in the presence of complex time-varying co-channel interference – regardless of the interference source. In addition, the DSP-based filtering of the Proteus allows rejection of near-adjacent channel RF transmissions that are not addressable using conventional physical filter technologies.

The aggregate effect of interference, regardless of the source, is the reduction of the net spectral efficiency of a network, which manifests itself in underperforming or erratic data services, blocked or dropped voice traffic, and a generally degraded customer experience. Mitigation of these revenue-eroding effects provides immediate and dramatic performance benefits.