Multi-band handsets will drive demand for compact front-end modules that simplify cellphone design, layout and assembly. Filters used in modules, including power amplifier, antenna switch, low noise amplifier and transceiver modules, will grow to an estimated 40 percent of filters in 2010, according to findings in the recent Strategy Analytics report, "Filter Market: BAWs Enable Modules for Multi-band Handsets."

Published by the RF and Wireless Components service, this report examines trends in filter technology, front-end architecture and modules, the expected regional adoption of handsets supporting various combinations of bands, and how these factors will drive the filter market. The report also examines the competitive positioning of the leading suppliers of front-end modules and filters for handsets.

According to Chris Taylor, director of the RF and Wireless Component service, "Bulk acoustic wave filters will play an important role as an enabler for compact front-end modules, but just having the right technology will not guarantee success. Suppliers will also need to develop modules for the right combinations of bands, which will require understanding the plans of the regional carriers well before requisitions for new handsets are issued." For a chart, Handset Filter Market, Click here.