RFCONNEXT, Inc.’s new interconnect technology can help resolve the most challenging Signal Integrity and Testing Connectivity problems. We have developed a patent pending Transmission Line (PMTL™) that is capable of sustaining a very low radiation and dissipation loss propagation mode with perfect impedance control up to THz band. The PMTL™ can be manufactured using the current photolithographic processes in PCB and or CMOS. This transmission line can be embedded in microscopic layers that allows many new applications for interconnecting with superior signal integrity at chip level, module level, and system level as will be partially illustrated here. In this paper we will demonstrate the performance of the technology from DC-50GHz, but analysis and EM simulation based on current processes has demonstrated extended performance to 220GHz and beyond[1-3]. This highly efficient and broad band interconnect technology helps open up your Eye Diagram, to provide low jitter, and minimize ISI, and reduce noise effect, for your mixed signals lines as well as your power lines. It further allows designers to embed passive and active components easily. It will provide unprecedented technical capabilities to help mitigate risks in Signal Integrity and eliminate many Testing Connectivity Problems Across the spectrums.