KRYTAR Inc. announces the availability of custom designs and production of complete ultra-broadband beamforming networks for RF and microwave applications.

KRYTAR offers the widest frequency coverage in single-packaged beamforming network designs and provides superior performance in a wide range of RF and microwave applications. With its long history of excellence in the design of broadband microwave components including directional couplers, detectors, quadrature hybrids, power dividers/combiners, terminations and coaxial adapters, KRYTAR offers the unique ability to produce ultra-broadband passive beamforming network solutions. RF and microwave system engineers can look to KRYTAR to take the confusion and complexity out of their design challenges with unique mechanical and electrical solutions using proprietary computer-aided-engineering (CAE) tools. KRYTAR beamforming networks are multifaceted assemblies for a wide range of applications including multiple antenna and antenna arrays used in military electronic systems and commercial communications systems.

KRYTAR’s technological advances have extended the frequency range of ultra-broadband components with frequencies ranging from DC to 67 GHz. Superior performance and functionality as well as unique form-fit-function designs bring unique solutions to those difficult engineering and manufacturing challenges. Many types of connectors can be designed into the integrated assembly including: SMA, Type-N, APC-7 and 3.5mm.