NEC Europe’s Kaoru Kenyoshi was appointed to the Board of Directors of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), during ETSI’s 58th General Assembly held in Cannes, France on the 29th and 30th of November 2011. He will join ETSI’s Board of Directors for the 2012 to 2014 term as the first member from the NEC Group and the first member from Japan.

“The ETSI Board of Directors requires individuals with expertise throughout the telecommunication field. Kenyoshi’s engineering and standardization career with NEC since 1988 is a perfect match,” said Shunichiro Tejima, Senior Vice President at NEC Corp. “I believe his membership will bring success and value to both the global business of NEC and the global standardization of ETSI.”

ETSI’s General Assembly is the Institute’s highest decision-making body, which meets twice a year to discuss issues that include strategy, operations and financial affairs. The 58th General Assembly was attended by 159 individuals from 34 countries (including 5 non-European countries). The Assembly’s primary goals included deciding the future strategy of ETSI, concluding external relations and co-operation agreements with other standards bodies and discussing such topics as budgetary issues and M2M developments.

ETSI’s Board of Directors, which Kenyoshi will serve, consists of 28 members representing a wide range of organizations that include service providers, telecom vendors, government agencies and user organizations.

ETSI is composed of European and global service providers and vendors alike, as well as regulators and administrations. The organization pursues global level standardization and its standards have been adopted in such domains as GSM, 3GPP and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB). As a member of ETSI, NEC actively participates in these efforts through the development and promotion of NGN, 3G & LTE, M2M, ITS and other technologies that follow standard specifications.