San-tron has developed a new series of low PIM cable assemblies that feature intermodulation performance as low as -181 dBc with an eSeries 7/16 connector terminated on TFlex-402 cable. Typical performance across the lineup of assemblies terminated with eSMA and eSeries Type Ns is -162 dBc. The eSMA cable assemblies perform from DC to 20 GHz and the eSeries Type N cable assemblies perform from DC to 18 GHz. These assemblies are phase and attenuation stable, provide excellent shielding, support UL/NEC Plenum class CMP, are corrosion resistant, and are low in weight and highly flexible.

The key component in San-tron low PIM cable assemblies are their latest series of connectors. eSeries connectors, which include SMA (trademarked as eSMA), Type N, TNC and 7/16 styles, offer evolved cable/connector transitions. The repeatability of these transitions from the cable into the connector is key to the consistent high performance of these cable assemblies. The center contact is a solder-free connection so the transition is controlled to machined tolerances via an internal stop within the bodies, which are much tighter than the variations seen by cable assembly personnel and solder joints. Another advantage of the elimination of this center conductor solder joint is that it precludes the heat induced damage to the dielectric densities that would affect changes in the dielectric constant.

Reliability is improved with these connectors with an extended ferrule that is crimped onto the body that provides longitudinal protection out past the solder wick line, which is a traditional failure point. For added protection, dual wall heat shrink is positioned within the saddle of this crimp ferrule and further extends the strain relief from this wick line offering high reliability in applications that involve repeated flexure.

The Albaloy plating provides a robust surface that easily accepts the braid solder joint and supports corrosion resistance per salt fog testing. The eSMA center contacts are BeCu; they are plated gold over a copper strike providing excellent RF performance, corrosion resistance and control over porosity. The eSeries N and 7/16 center contacts are plated silver over a copper strike, which contains cost versus gold, and also provides good RF performance and corrosion resistance.

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