The R&S® RTO oscilloscopes, with 1 and 2 GHz bandwidth, appeal to users with its high measurement accuracy, operating convenience and speed. These features are also in very high demand for applications at bandwidths below 1 GHz. This is why Rohde & Schwarz has added a 600 MHz model to its high performance oscilloscope family. The new 600 MHz version of the R&S RTO is a unique solution that enables users to perform complex in-depth analyses even in the lower bandwidth range.

For its R&S RTO high performance product line, Rohde & Schwarz created a special ASIC with real-time processing of the digitized measurement results. Thanks to its multiple parallel processing capability, this ASIC makes it possible to analyze one million waveforms per second. Conventional oscilloscopes capture signals during only 0.5 percent of the acquisition cycle, but Rohde & Schwarz has increased the active acquisition time by a factor of 20, to 10 percent of an acquisition cycle. Even with this high acquisition rate, all of the setting options and analysis functions remain available for measurements without reducing speed.

Rohde & Schwarz has also taken a new approach when designing the trigger system. Due to the all-digital trigger architecture, the trigger and the captured data share a common signal path and a common time base. The result is exceptionally low trigger jitter and exact assignment of the trigger to the signal.

The low noise front-end and the single-core A/D converter in the R&S RTO scope also help to ensure high accuracy. The A/D converter operates at 10 Gsamples per second and achieves an exceptionally high dynamic range of more than seven effective bits. The result is minimal signal distortion and low inherent noise.

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