Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of 3U PXI RF/Microwave solutions with the introduction of solutions with frequency coverage to 6GHz. Pickering will be exhibiting at EuMW in booth 533. The four products are:

• The 40-880 is a 10 MHz to 6 GHz solid-state SPDT switch available as dual, quad, hex and octal configurations.

• The 40-881 is a 10 MHz to 6 GHz solid-state SP6T available as a single or dual version.

• The 40-882 is a 10 MHz to 6 GHz solid-state SP4T switch available in single, dual, triple or quad configurations.

• The 6 GHz switch solutions occupy one, two or three 3U PXI slots depending on the configuration.

• All the new 6 GHz solutions have been designed to have consistent RF performance with low VSWR and high switch isolation through the use of high levels of RF screening and SMA connection solutions. Each product uses solid-state switches to ensure a very long service life when used within their rating. All switches include automatic termination of unused paths to reduce VSWR effects in connecting cables.

The 6 GHz solutions are an excellent alternative to the use of electromechanical relay or microwave switch based designs. The designs provide a higher frequency alternative to electromechanical relay designs and a higher density, lower cost alternative to microwave switch designs, while offering faster operation and longer life.

All the new designs can be supported by any PXI compliant 3U PXI chassis and are supported by Pickering Interfaces Modular LXI chassis for applications requiring Ethernet based control.