Vectron International, a designer and manufacturer of precision oscillators and timing solutions for communication, industrial, military and space applications, announced the release of another high performance OCXO for its growing family of Holdover Oscillators. The OX-203 Holdover Oscillator allows the customer to specify a level of holdover in a small footprint, cost effective, quartz based solution.

“What the OX-203 Holdover Oscillator does is allow the customer to skip the step of trying to translate a Holdover requirement into a standard oscillator specification.” says Alan Mond, Vice President and General Manager of Vectron’s Communication Business unit. “With our advancements in crystal technology and our advanced digital correction algorithms, we are offering a level of holdover performance that was previously met in a footprint twice the size.”

The OX-203 will support precision timing applications for wireless base stations, wireless backhaul, digital video broadcast, power distribution, military communications and test and measurement. By making phase accuracy under holdover a primary specification, Vectron has made it easier to implement holdover solutions. This allows customers to reduce both their time to market and development costs when approaching systems that demand high levels of phase accuracy.

Specific features of Vectron's OX-203 include:

• Package Size: 25.4 X 25.4 X 13.4 mm

•Holdover specifications of 8usec over 24hrs

•Temperature Stability of 0.8 ppb over -40° to 85°C

•Aging of 0.15 ppb/day

•Low phase noise 10 MHz outputs

•Internal Digital Correction Algorithms

In addition to the OX-203 Holdover Oscillator, Vectron also offers customers Extended Holdover Oscillators, such as the MD-023, along with innovative clock path technology, including OCXOs, TCXOs, XOs, VCXOs, VCSOs and jitter attenuators that provide ultra low jitter timing solutions.