In the early months of 2011 Thales Alenia Space España has received contracts from European and American companies worth more than 9 million Euros for telecommunication satellites. These contracts are focused on the development and supply of TT&C data communication systems and radiofrequency equipment, for civil and military communication payloads, specifically for the Optus-10, O3B, W3D, Arsat-2, Sicral-2, Express AT1, AT2 and AM8, Athena Fidus and Yenisei satellites.

Thales Alenia Space España is a Spanish company focused on the development of space systems and equipment for telecommunication, Earth observation, science, navigation and space infrastructure. In the field of communications systems and equipment, Thales Alenia Space España is currently working on over 60 projects worth more than €30 M for space agencies and commercial companies, both for civil and military telecommunications programs.

Juan Garcés de Marcilla, President and CEO of Thales Alenia Space España, said: "We are satisfied with the development of the international competition in the market, permitting us to continue our collaboration with space agencies worldwide and with the best companies of the sector. This allows us to strengthen our leadership in the development and production of telecommunication systems and of TT&C, placing us at the vanguard of communication technology for civil and military satellites.”

Thales Alenia Space España exports more than 90 percent of its sales, invests 5 percent of its income in R&D, with a total activity of R&D equivalent to 10 percent of its income and employing more than 40 engineers dedicated exclusively to R&D. The company leads the Spanish space sector of space telecommunications, with the largest number of systems and equipment supplied and currently in flight, and reinvests more than one third of the amount of their sales in buying products produced nationally.