OMMIC announced the release of 10 new MMICs for Telecommunication and Radar applications including Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers, Power amplifiers and Control Functions from 5 to 160 GHz.

OMMIC has significantly reduced the Noise Figure for commercially available Low Noise covering the 5 – 7, 18 – 26, 25 – 43, 13 – 15 and 110 – 160 GHz bands with 0.5, 1.1, 1.5, 1.5 and 4.5 dB Noise amplifier MMICs with the new CGY2120XUH, CGY2121XUH, CGY2122XUH, CGY2125AUH and CGY2191UH Low Noise Amplifiers Figures respectively. The CGY2178HV is a new Plastic Packaged version of the Space Qualified CGY2178UH MMIC providing over 30 dB of gain and 1 dB noise figure over the 5 – 6 GHz frequency band.

In the area of Power amplifiers OMMIC announces the release of a 5 W Output Power MMIC, the CGY2138UH, operating in the 27.5 GHz to 31 GHz band with 19 dB of gain under 5 V and 5.6 A. This MMIC is ideal for VSAT and point to point / point to multipoint Applications.

OMMIC has also released new products in its successful Control Function Family of devices. The CGY2179UH and CGY2179HV are bare die and QFN Plastic Packaged versions of a 4 bit Phase Shifter and Low Noise Amplifier combination operating in the band 10.7 to 12.75 GHz providing 12 dB of gain and a 1.9 dB Noise Figure. An on-chip Serial to Parallel converter simplifies the interfacing to the MMIC and in particular allows easy daisy chaining with a minimum number of interface lines and bonding pads. The CGY2174UH is a 6-bit Phase Shifter designed for the 13 – 16 GHz frequency range and is highly suited to both Space based and Terrestrial Ku-band telecommunication antennas.

Commenting on the latest Product Releases, Derek Smith OMMIC’s Marketing and Sales Director comments that “these new products demonstrate OMMIC’s commitment to bring to market products that have outstanding and unique specifications based on OMMIC’s set of Leading Edge but Commercial Technologies – from the 70 nm MHEMT to the Enhancement/Depletion Mode PHEMT Processes.”