Michael Casper, President and CEO of UltraSource Inc., a thin film ceramic microchip manufacturer announced the UltraFAST® Rapid Prototyping Guarantee Program: "It Ship’s on Time or IT’S FREE!" This guarantee will be introduced at the IMS2011 show being held in Baltimore. UltraSource will be located at Booth 1435.

Casper explained that rather than waiting weeks for critical prototypes, UltraFAST guarantees them in a matter of days – cutting time to market and helping companies rapidly develop new products for their customers and clients. “We have spent the past year perfecting the UltraFAST process, the first, formalized thin film prototyping program of its kind, and we are happy to offer our guarantee of “It Ship’s on Time or IT’S FREE!” says Casper. UltraFAST is designed to offer a select but wide range of single-sided and double-sided chips compatible with a broad range of traditional thin film assembly requirements. Substrate choices, metallization systems, and integration options have also been developed to allow further increase to device function and performance.

Kevin Callery, Director of Business Development observes, “Demands for complex, high quality, rapid turn prototype circuits continue to grow at companies today with a frequency not seen before. UltraFAST has become a tremendously effective addition to our portfolio of offerings in response to these needs. The resulting reduction in lead time for circuit delivery has helped greatly impact the leap from initial design to customers ultimately realizing revenue from newly introduced products.”