RJR Polymers, a developer of high performance, air cavity packages (ACP), will demonstrate its innovative LCP semiconductor packaging technology at IMS2011. Leveraging the company’s extensive expertise in epoxies and injection-molded packaging, RJR’s new product line offers RF and microwave system developers a high performance, lower cost alternative to ceramic ACPs that combines excellent thermal management capabilities with unprecedented design flexibility.

“As power transistor performance moves to new heights, today’s RF and microwave system designers require semiconductor packaging solutions capable of supporting these new levels of performance in a thermally efficient package,” said Wil Salhuana, President and CEO. “By allowing designers to use any of a variety of metal bases in the package, including copper, with our patented epoxies and our epoxy-coated lids to meet specific application requirements, our LCP technology opens the door to the higher performance levels these next-generation systems demand.”

The key to RJR Polymers’ performance advantages is a unique three-piece package design that supports the use of very high thermal conductivity materials and tolerates components with mismatched coefficients of expansion (CTEs). Manufacturers using the technology can choose from a wide variety of potential substrate materials including alloys, copper and diamond. The company also offers pre-applied epoxy-coated lids and package assembly equipment. This revolutionary packaging technology allows OEMs to support a wider range of power levels and frequencies while maintaining the same mechanical stability and moisture resistance of legacy ceramic packaging.

The new modular product line also offers OEMs an unmatched level of design flexibility. The LCP product line uses a standard molding process and features a flat seal surface with one-third the dielectric of ceramic and copper leads. By creating a single injection mold and simply swapping out the lead frame, RJR Polymers’ customers can use the same package to create a diverse family of products at relatively low cost and with a very short time-to-market.

The company is offering its thermally-enhanced, metal-based ACPs in two product platforms, one for RF power and a second for QFN applications. But the packaging technology can be built to all industry standard configurations or modified to meet custom requirements. RJR officials will be available to discuss this innovative packaging technology at IMS2011 in booth 718.