Holzworth Instrumentation (Booth 2419) of Boulder, CO is formally launching the new HSM series of RF synthesizer modules at IMS 2011 in Baltimore. These unique synthesizer modules were originally developed by Holzworth for its popular, phase coherent, multi-channel platform. The modules have now been productized in the form of the HSM Series in response to a heavy list of requirements coming from systems integrators.

Holzworth synthesizers are known for a unique architecture which intentionally eliminates the PLL. The proprietary direct-digital/direct-analog hybrid designs achieve ultra low phase noise and spectral purity performance levels that are associated with synthesizers specified for high end radar systems. The most exclusive benefits of Holzworth’s NON-PLL architecture include: best in industry phase stability, phase coherency (multiple channels), agile switching, and an output power calibration providing ±0.30 dB accuracy (typical) at levels as low as -80 dBm.

The compact HSM series includes five different models to provide optimal pricing for an industry with an exhausting list of applications: 250 kHz to 1 GHz, 2 GHz, 3 GHz, 4 GHz or 6.7 GHz. US list pricing starts at $3500 in single piece quantities with discounts available for as few as 5 pieces.

“We’re extremely pleased with the early response to the HSM series," said Joe Koebel, Vice President of Business Development. "The designs have hit a sweet spot with regards to what integrators are looking for in performance, ease of integration and high reliability [200 khr MTBF]. Our engineering team is using the broadband [250 kHz to] 6.7 GHz design as a launch point for frequency extensions beyond 18 GHz.”