Radiall USA Inc. has expanded its extensive range of TestPro RF cable assemblies with the new, affordable and high-performance TestPro 3. The company’s current TestPro range has excellent performance with a frequency range of DC to 20 GHz, but the TestPro 3, with its robust center contact retention, offers even better performance of up to 40 GHz for test bench applications.

Precision engineered with advanced materials, TestPro 3 cables are designed for extreme stability and flexibility. They have been tested for bending stability according to IEC 966-1, bending method number 2. Results show excellent phase stability as low as 5° typical with bending at 40 GHz. To meet the requirements for stability with handling during bench test use, the cables also offer loss stability of less than 0.1 dB variation with bending, and 0.03 dB with shaking, at the maximum frequency of 40 GHz.

In addition, the cable and connectors are designed for long life, rated for a minimum of 20,000 bending cycles and 5,000 mating cycles. TestPro 3 cable assemblies combine performance with affordability, offering a good alternative to VNA cables.