A series of recent flight trials saw SELEX Galileo flying its SEER Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), demonstrating the high level of performance achievable by the system. SEER helps aircraft evade threats such as missiles and enemy fighters, improving the survivability of the aircraft and the probability of mission success.

The system was also able to demonstrate its advanced signal measurement capability, where information about detected threats is recorded, allowing those threats to be more accurately identified on future flights. The SEER RWR is available in two variants, SEER Compact and SEER Distributed, the latter being the version flown by the Royal Malaysian Air Force. During the trials the RWR met all of the jointly agreed objectives, with SEER being able to detect radars at ranges that were significantly greater than those achieved by older generation systems.

Beatrice Nicholas, Senior Vice President of Electronic Warfare, said, “SELEX Galileo is committed to providing troops with cutting-edge EW technology that helps protect them from attack. SEER is an important part of that offering and I am happy to hear the extremely positive endorsements the RWR has been receiving from RMAF pilots.”

Ideal for larger platforms, SEER can be directly installed in place of the company’s combat proven Sky Guardian 200, already widely deployed on combat aircraft and helicopters, including the Hawk, L159, Jaguar, Chinook and Puma. The ease of replacement gives existing users a simple capability upgrade path.