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Learn about 5G challenges and solutions with these blog contributions from various industry experts.

How 5G Wireless Communication Will Transform Robotics

5G promises to transform the art of the possible when it comes to robotics, particularly with the opportunity for robots to take advantage of the enormous compute power and storage available in the cloud, without being tethered by physical wires. This blog examines the vision of being able to accurately control future robots in near-real-time, from virtually anywhere in the world and the possibilities that opens up for so many applications including the medical sector with telesurgery, for example, building the factory of the future and delivering robots in the field – literally – for agricultural work.

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Microwave Advancements Meet 5G Backhaul Requirements

Skeptics ponder if microwave has the ability to adequately meet 5G backhaul requirements in terms of capacity, complexity, and stringent latency requirements.  Based on what microwave vendors have already demonstrated, Sky Light Research believes that it does and here is why.

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Is millimeter wave technology future of wireless communications?

In the age of digitalization, high-speed communication is on higher priority for all (consumers and enterprises). What if the wireless carriers impose caps on the rapidly growing data traffic and raise prices? What if we run out of airwaves for our striking increase in wireless data usage on our gadgets? So, how are these basic realities – high-speed communication needs, bandwidth shortage, and exploding data on several devices are addressed?

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