Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the N7100 signal intelligence (SIGINT) search, collection and direction-finding system. The N7100 is a highly-adaptable, multi-mission platform designed for quick-reaction deployment. The system allows users to capture and locate challenging signals in difficult radio frequency (RF) environments.

The hallmarks of the N7100 system are its modularity, compact size and raw measurement speed. The system’s speed enables new capabilities, such as ultra-fast wideband search, fully integrated wideband direction-finding (DF) and sustained multiband signal collection. Other capabilities include RF surveys, signal monitoring, and wideband signal recording and playback to rack-mount disk arrays.

“In SIGINT and electronic warfare, today’s wider and faster signals will become mainstream tomorrow,” said Tom Burrell, Vice President and General Manager of Agilent’s Signal Networks Division. “With rapidly evolving threats and an increasingly chaotic operating environment, the N7100 platform enables strategic and tactical organizations to deploy rapidly and adapt quickly as signal scenarios evolve.”

For maximum productivity, the N7100 supports the widely used Agilent E3238S signal search and collection software and easily integrates with existing E3238S systems. The N7100 also supports the Agilent universal signal detection software, which recognizes more than 20 types of modulation and lets system users create new signal detectors during ongoing operations without programming.

The N7100 platform meets modular open-system architecture (MOSA) requirements through commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, built on industry standards such as Compact PCI, PCI Express® and PXI Express. This cost-effective solution also uses Gigabit Ethernet and PCIe for input/output to the system host computer or external devices.