The underlying theme for Microwave Journal’s editorial this year is the “microwave supply chain”. This theme is exemplified in part (at least the component and design support side) by the annual International Microwave Symposium (IMS) coming May 23-28th in Anaheim. To preview the show and give the community a glimpse of the companies and products that will be present, we have just published our annual show issue, one month earlier than usual this year due to the date of the show. It is a great looking issue that I hope everyone will enjoy. It is certainly nice to see all the microwave companies that participated in this issue via their advertisements and editorial participation. I look forward to seeing you all in Anaheim next month.

While our editorial staff has lots to do for IMS coverage (updating our web site and IMS Insider newsletters), we are also turning our attention to the May “Oscillators & Amplifiers” issue, which will be hitting the streets around the time many of you are returning from IMS.

Last year’s cover story on GaAs versus Silicon power amplifier technology was among our most popular of the year. This issue's cover story, authored by Dr. Ulrich Rohde and A.J Poddar, both of Synergy Microwave should prove to be equally well-received. The author's take a look at the technology and market drivers governing today's timing solutions, the heartbeat of every microwave system. This is an excellent overview and reference article for individuals and companies who design and manufacture amplifiers, oscillators (VCOs, TCXOs, VCXOs), resonator (SAW, BAW, Ceramic, etc.) oscillators, synthesizers, MEMs, crystals and other materials.

We will also be featuring technical articles and product features from several prominent integrated device manufacturers as well as a start-up company doing some exciting power amplifier work on silicon CMOS targeting 3G handset applications. This issue targets integrated device manufacturers (RFIC and MMIC) and the system integrators who use these products.

In June, Technical Editor Pat Hindle will be working with Ansif Anwar of Strategy Analytics and all the major GaAs foundries to present our cover story on the state of the art in the GaAs foundry business. His focus will be on the various technology and services offered by these foundries with an eye on what’s new in GaAs processes, what applications are driving customer needs and how process/device technology and applications inter-relate. We think RFIC/MMIC and module designers will have a strong interest in this feature story.

Looking forward to the summer months, we will feature part two of the very popular “How Design Software Changed the World” article in July along with a wrap-up of what happened at IMS. August will have a special focus on radio communications with guest editorial discussing MIMO techniques, standards and the debate that is fueling how “over-the-air” testing should evolve. The August “Satellite and Radio Communications” issue and the Military Microwave supplement (also in August) are both looking to be very exciting issues. The dog days of summer are actually a good time for readers, when many engineers are able to catch up on their reading and those who go away on vacation can ease their way back into work by perusing through the MWJ that is waiting for them on their desk. I believe this year’s summer issues will spark considerable interest and discussion, the key ingredients for excellent shelf life. I’ll provide more editorial details as we get closer.

Remember, coordinating your marketing message with related editorial increases your visibility at the right time, for the right audience. To help plan the timing of your marketing programs, here’s a glimpse at the next few months in Microwave Journal.