Agilent Technologies Inc. and FuturePlus Systems Corp. introduced the DDR3 1866 DIMM interposer test solution, which is comprised of the Agilent 16962A logic analyzer module and the FS2352 interposer for next-generation double-data-rate (DDR) SDRAM buses. The new DDR3 1866 DIMM interposer probing solution is the ideal tool for designers performing DIMM validation, failure analysis, and bus functional-parametric validation in servers, supercomputing, desktops and computing applications.

The new interposer is designed for use with the Agilent 16900 Series logic analyzer to provide state analysis and protocol decode at up to 1866 mega transfers per second (MT/s). The FS2352 is the only DDR3 interposer proven to provide reliable 1866 MT/s DIMM data capture using an Agilent logic analyzer.

This comprehensive DDR3 test platform offers a fast full-channel 2.0GT/s 16962A logic analysis module, a complete probing portfolio for DDR3 BGA and DIMM, and a DDR3 compliance and performance software environment.

Agilent's 16962A logic analysis module with 2.0GT/s state speed and 2 GHz trigger sequence speed enables full capability to reliably trigger and capture DDR3 1866 signals. When used with the new DDR3 probing solution and analysis software tool, this module provides full test capability for system integration in the memory industry.

"The new Agilent 16962A module, when used with the FuturePlus FS2352 Interposer, provides superior insight into DDR3 bus activity," said Jun Chie, Marketing Manager for Logic and Protocol Test at Agilent. "This solution setup is more proof of Agilent's commitment to provide designers of DDR devices with the ideal toolset to address their test challenges."

"We are always improving our interposer technology, and the FS2352, combined with the Agilent's 16962A module, provides compelling insight into DDR3 bus activity," said Edward Aichinger, President of FuturePlus Systems.