The Microwave Applications Seminars (MicroApps) is a mini-event within the exhibition that serves as a forum for participating exhibitors to present the technology behind their commercial products and special capabilities. This year’s MicroApps is hosted by Agilent Technologies and will take place in the Exhibition Hall between the main entrance escalators. Featuring a variety of technology, products, design and measurement specific presentations, the sessions will be held throughout the exhibition (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Each MicroApps session is a 20-minute long tutorial or application presentation that provides IMS attendees with useful and contemporary information on a broad variety of subjects. The flexible and informal format of MicroApps and the commercial nature of the presentations augment the product displays of the exhibitor space and the more formal Technical Program talks of the IMS conference itself. These seminars are where research and real-world applications meet. With the help of hardware and software demonstrations, the MicroApps sessions are expected to be highly interactive with audience participation.

One example of the content being presented is the session on Nonlinear Vector Network Analysis and Applications of X-parameters. This workshop will discuss the Agilent Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA) as well as the application of X-parameters for the design and analysis of active components. Applications of measured X-parameters in design and validation of active components including the simulation/optimization of complex stimulus/response behavior in ADS will be presented. New load dependent measurement-based X-parameters will be introduced and used in the simulator providing an efficient and correct method for the designer to maximize linearity with a nonlinear model that is valid over a wide range of impedances.

Other session topics include:

  • Fast, Flexible Automated Pulsed IV/RF Measurements for Accurate Nonlinear Model Development
  • Ultra-fast Noise Parameter Measurements with Improved Accuracy are Described Resulting in a 200x Speed-up Over Traditional Methods
  • High-speed Testing of Multi-state RF/Microwave Devices and Sub-systems
  • Load Pull with X-parameters Produces Instant Large Signal Model with High Accuracy
  • Test Solutions for LTE/MIMO Base Station Antennas

Presentations are scheduled from exhibitors such as TriQuint, Maury Microwave, Auriga, Custom Microwave, OEWaves, Cap Wireless, IMST GmbH, Micronetics, Mician GmbH, M2 Global Technology, Jazz Semiconductor and Holzworth Instrumentation, as well as measurement experts from the MicroApps sponsor, Agilent. Attendees will receive a free CD-ROM that includes informative details from every presentation.