Link Microtek's Engineering Division has invested in a 200 W TWT amplifier system that enables the company to carry out broadband high-power testing of its comprehensive range of waveguide components and subsystems. Having such a facility in-house is unusual among microwave component manufacturers, but it means the company is now able to verify that its waveguide products can handle high power levels over a wide frequency range of 7 to 16 GHz.

Specially configured by Link Microtek's engineering team, the TWT system consists of a signal source, a 200 W CW amplifier, coupling to allow accurate measurements of both forward and reverse power, and a WRD750 size waveguide output, to which the device-under-test is connected.

Commenting on the development, Link Microtek's managing director, Steve Cranstone, said, "The TWT system allows us to confirm the high-power performance of our waveguide products, without the expense and delay of using an external test house. It is ideal for testing the broadband microwave components we manufacture, especially our attenuators, couplers, terminations and harmonic absorption filters."