Keithley Instruments Inc., a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, announced that ip.access, a developer of femtocell and picocell solutions, has purchased Keithley's award-winning radio frequency (RF) test solutions. ip.access has selected Keithley's Series 2800 RF Vector Signal Analyzers and Series 2900 RF Vector Generators as the solution for its production testing of WCDMA femtocell base stations.

"The Series 2800 and 2900 use a next-generation, DSP-based software-defined radio architecture that enables them to make extremely accurate measurements at high speed," said Mark Hoersten, vice president business development for Keithley. "The industry-leading measurement performance and test time capability of the equipment will ensure that ip.access is successful in meeting its volume RF production testing requirements."

"Keithley showed a unique understanding of our production testing needs, which is critical as ip.access moves from the development of femto and picocell solutions into mass market production," added Kevin Steers, vice president manufacturing and operations for ip.access. "That, as well as the high speed of production test achieved by the solution, was key to our decision to select Keithley's RF testing equipment."

Keithley's RF solutions are designed to meet the challenges faced by designers and manufacturers of today's wireless technologies and are suitable for emerging and future technologies. The instruments are built on a next-generation platform that uses state-of-the-art software-defined radio architecture to reduce the cost of testing and shorten time to market.

Keithley provides the measurement accuracy ip.access needs to ensure high product quality and production yields with the high test speed needed to reduce the cost of testing. The Series 2800 and 2900 purchased by ip.access are part of Keithley's full range of RF test and measurements solutions that are capable of addressing the latest WLAN and WiMAX applications for both SISO and MIMO testing.