Rogers Corp., a leader in manufacturing of high performance specialty material products, introduces its new dur-E-volt™ high voltage, constant frequency peak current mode control LED driver.

Using the dur-E-volt LED driver, an LED string is driven at a fixed current that is independent of the supply voltage. This enables constant light output and enhanced device reliability. The d ur-E-volt LED driver provides efficient operation of high brightness LEDs (HBLED) from voltage sources ranging from 8 to 450 VDC and currents ranging from a few mA up to over 1A. LED dimming is controlled by adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM input pin or adjusting the voltage to the dimming input (LD/Linear Dimming) pin.

When asked about the new dur-E-volt LED driver, Rob Kimball, general manager of Driver Electronics Solutions at Rogers, stated, "LEDs represent the lighting of the future—not only in TVs, but in general lighting. Someday soon, we'll see LEDs used to light homes, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as architectural and decorative lighting applications. With its wide input voltage range, our new LED driver meets the needs of these various market segments and applications."

The dur-E-volt LED driver can handle from one to hundreds of LEDs in series or parallel combinations, which means it uses fewer components, reducing a manufacturer's Bill of Materials. It also offers the features that general lighting OEMs and LCD TV makers are looking for in an LED driver: exceptional efficiency (about 90 percent), small size and superior heat dissipation.

All of Rogers' IC drivers, including the new dur-E-volt LED driver, are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliant.