Anritsu Co. announces it has partnered with DoceoTech to provide a WiMAX Forum® Certified Training Program for technicians deploying WiMAX networks. The four-day Boot Camp provides field personnel with in-depth, product-specific training on a WiMAX system and is designed so that everyone who completes the course will understand WiMAX applications and be able to apply that understanding for a quick up-take on technical, job-relevant training.

The course addresses all the necessary topics to prepare technical students to take the WiMAX Forum Network Associate™ certification exam. It is geared to WiMAX technicians who require skills training to install, configure, field test and commission a fixed WiMAX network.

The Boot Camp is structured as 30 percent tutorial content and 70 percent hands-on exercises. Through cooperation with Anritsu, as well as Aperto, Telsima and WirelessLogix, the DoceoTech Lab in Morgan Hill, CA is equipped with a base station, subscriber station and Anritsu BTS Master™ MT8222A. In the lab, students gain the experience of installing and commissioning all of the equipment for a sample WiMAX-served community.

“An understanding of the WiMAX options for fixed networks helps technical personnel to quickly and efficiently interpret and internalize the product-specific training. WiMAX equipment comes in a variety of configurations, applications, profiles, channel sizes and frequency bands,” said Alan Witty, Anritsu’s Professional Services Manager. “Our Boot Camp will help field technicians gain the understanding and experience necessary to install WiMAX networks.”

“This course is an excellent preparation for vendor-specific training, or a great introduction to WiMAX best practices for any operator’s implementation,” said John Swart, president, Doceotech.