Anite, an international IT company focusing on testing technology for the wireless industry, announced that it has been selected by all of the leading Mobile WiMAX™ chipset developers and vendors for protocol testing. Protocol testing is an essential stage in the certification of WiMAX products and ensures that products such as WiMAX-enabled laptops communicate correctly with WiMAX networks. This is vital in ensuring that consumers can use their products on any WiMAX network without interoperability problems.

Anite’s Protocol Conformance Toolset (PCT) is the only protocol test solution approved by the WiMAX Forum for the certification of Fixed WiMAX™ devices and a leading test solution for the certification of Mobile WiMAX, an essential requirement when bringing new WiMAX products to market. Customers deploy PCT and Anite's Base Station Emulator to speed the development of their WiMAX chipsets and ensure conformity to the WiMAX Forum®’s certification requirements.

“Anite’s testing and certification tools enable customers to accelerate their certification processes for WiMAX devices,” said Wolfgang Moeseneder, Business Development Manager, Intel Mobile Wireless Group. “For vendors developing WiMAX products, shortening the time-to-market through effective testing will be critical to success in the early days of this technology.”

The Wireless division of Anite provides test solutions to equipment manufacturers, operators and test laboratories for early handset development, integration, conformance and interoperability test through to network measurement solutions. With over 18 years’ experience in providing customer-focused solutions, Anite and its products have played a major role in the advance of the global wireless market.