Ericsson and TDF have signed an agreement for the supply of a MINI-LINK microwave transmission solution, providing a platform for flexible, scalable and cost-effective wireless transmission. The solution will enable TDF to offer a wide range of services and to meet the demand in France for network capacity driven by TV broadcasting, broadband wireless networks and the uptake of new data services. The agreement includes the new MINI-LINK TN that allows optimization on both network and site operations, resulting in a cost efficient network.

The solution supports a variety of optional features, enabled by Soft Keys, and offers great flexibility in transmission networks for broadband applications. The agreement also includes telecom services with a complete set of deployment, integration and support services. The two companies have also extended this cooperation to provide end-to-end services for telecom operators.

Michel Combes, chairman and CEO of TDF, said, "We have chosen Ericsson because their transmission solution offers flexibility for capacity and support for the necessary voice and data traffic."

Guy Roussel, president, Ericsson France, responded, "This new agreement takes our relationship with TDF to a new level and confirms our position as a leading microwave transmission solutions provider in France."