Arlon announced it will feature new low loss, low PIM antenna materials for base station antennas at this year's European Microwave Week.

Woven Glass Reinforced PTFE with Micro Dispersed Ceramic

• AD255A reduces Loss Tangent 17 percent over PTFE/glass designs
• AD260A, AD300A and AD320A reduce loss tangent by 25 to 50 percent
• Lower PIM and higher antenna efficiencies
• Affordable design, no cost impact for higher performance
• Replaces higher loss Glass Reinforced PTFE materials
• Addition of ceramic lowers loss, reduces CTE and provides greater dielectric constant vs. temperature stability
• Insertion loss and PIM levels are further reduced by using smoother copper with encapsulated interface
• PIM+ technology further improves performance over earlier PIM grades
• Applications requiring low insertion loss, tighter tolerances and temperature stability
• Feed networks for phased-array antennas
• Antenna materials from 2.50 to 3.20
• Standard thicknesses include 0.030", 0.040" and 0.060"