Arlon announced it will feature new thermally conductive low loss PTFE laminates for power amplifiers and circuits that require higher dielectric constant stability vs. temperature.

Lowers Junction Temperatures for Improved Power Amplifier Reliability

• Power density continues to increase
• Packaging getting smaller and hotter
• Higher temperatures reduce component reliability
• Tower mounted and outdoor electronics increase environmental exposure while requiring higher reliability
• Complex waveforms decrease amplifier efficiency, more energy lost to heat

Dielectric Constant Stability Across Wide Temperatures

• Helps power amplifier and antenna designers minimize dead bandwidth, which is lost to dielectric constant drift as operating temperature changes
• For antenna designs, a significant shift in resonance frequency and bandwidth roll off at specific frequencies, results in lower gain performance
• Thermal stability feature is critical to phase sensitive devices such as impedance network transformers utilized for matching networks of power amplifiers

Arlon is in the midst of launching TC600, a 6.15 dielectric constant material that doubles the thermal conductivity of existing materials in the 6 dielectric constant market while achieving very low loss (0.0022 at 10 GHz via IPC TM-650 Test). This material also has excellent CTE and thermal-electric stability, the key to improved performance.