MTT-S IMS is undoubtedly CST’s most important trade show. Its technical focus fits perfectly with our core market and, since it always attracts high numbers of visitors, MTT-S IMS offers an invaluable opportunity for us to showcase major development steps to a large and focused audience.

Specifically, this year we will be previewing CST STUDIO SUITE™ 2008, the upcoming release of our full wave electromagnetic simulation software.

‘Complete Technology’ and workflow integration remain key projects for our research and development and the latest advances will be demonstrated at our booth.

Besides being ideal for promoting our own products, MTT-S IMS is a great stage for exploring the hottest developments and trends in the market. It provides invaluable opportunities for interacting with a large number of customers, and for developing contacts with companies in neighbouring markets, enabling us to build partnerships and plan projects.

As a European company, MTT-S IMS traditionally represented our key entrance point to the American market. The foundation of CST of America® in 1998 naturally facilitated the interaction with our American customer base and partners, but MTT-S IMS remains a must-go show for CST.

There has been much talk of an influx of Asian visitors to the show this year and this market is certainly important to us. In fact, our sales are equally distributed over America, Asia and Europe.

However, the feedback from our Japanese customer base indicates that Hawaii is not close enough to Asia (Japan) to significantly increase traffic from the much sought after ‘decision makers’ from this market. We will have to see if this is the case.

In our opinion MTT-S IMS is an American show and it serves us best if it stays on mainland US. Whether the excursion to Hawaii is worthwhile from a business point of view remains to be seen, but we are certainly looking forward to finding out and enjoying the Hawaiian sunshine while doing so! We also look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones in Honolulu, so please visit us in Booth 735.