As a Korean company, RFHIC sees the European market as being key in expanding microwave technology and a stepping-stone to other markets. We believe that by investing in the European market we will be able to further develop newer technology and develop enhanced products. European Microwave Week has an important and valuable role to play in achieving that goal.

As a focussed event we will use the exhibition to embrace prospective clients as well as keeping current clients up to date with our newest products and technology. In particular, as RF and microwave trends navigate towards wide bandwidth, high data rates, complex modulation, smaller sizes and low cost, RFHIC will use EuMW as a platform to introduce the various RF and microwave products that have been developed to satisfy such trends.

It is also important for us to have contact, interaction and promote the company more to those involved with every aspect of our business such as RF and microwave systems engineers, service engineers, semiconductor engineers and component engineers as well as the usual managers and sales representatives. The European Microwave Exhibition offers that opportunity but it must not rest on its laurels. It must move to meet the challenge to expand and evolve by keeping industry on side and in mind.

As for RFHIC, the immediate challenges are to develop low cost 2 W, 5 V E-PHEMT devices, to alert the world to our GaN hybrid and pallet module, and to establish ourselves as a complete company catering for RF and microwave components and custom-made products. Visitors to EuMW can see how we are faring by seeing what we have to offer on Stand 432.