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EDI CON 2014 technical program announced

Horizon House Publications and Microwave Journal China announced the availability of the technical program for the second annual Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON 2014) to be held April 8 – 10, 2014 at the Beijing International Convention Center in Beijing, China. The technical program consists of 86 peer-reviewed papers (largely from industry), 30 workshops, 5 special panel sessions and 2 plenary sessions featuring guest keynote speakers from leading research institutes, industry and academia.

Accepted papers covered a range of emerging technologies supporting the development of systems and components designed for operation at RF and microwave frequencies, high-speed digital design and test methods for studying devices susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). The conference schedule organized by peer-reviewed technical sessions in the mornings and industry-sponsored afternoon workshops and panels will focus on the latest commercially available solutions in radio frequency and microwave monolithic integrated circuits (RFICs, MMICs), RF semiconductor devices (GaN HEMT, III-V and Ultra-CMOS), high-voltage transistors, envelop tracking, digital pre-distortion, multiple-in multiple out (MIMO) antenna techniques, phased arrays, signal/spectrum monitoring and more. The number of tracks in the technical session has been expanded to include RF/mW and HSD design, RF/mW measurement/modeling, high-speed measurement/modeling, system-level measurement/modeling, system engineering and commercial resources.

The full program schedule, paper abstracts and author information is now available at: EDI CON 2014 Conference Schedule

Peer reviewed technical sessions

Tuesday, April 8th

  • TU101 - Envelope Tracking
  • TU102 - Harmonic Load-pull Techniques
  • TU103 - Spectrum Management and Analysis
  • TU104 - Multiple Antenna Test

Wednesday, April 9th

  • WE101 - RF/MW/HSD Circuit Design I
  • WE102 - RF/MW Measurement/Modeling I
  • WE103 - MIMO OTA Testing
  • WE104 - Global Navigation and Communication Satellite Systems
  • WE105 - Materials and PCBs
  • WE201 - Power Amplifier Design and Linearization techniques
  • WE202 - Device modeling for PA design and stability analysis
  • WE203 - E-band and mmW System-level measurements, planning and synthesis tools
  • WE204 - RADAR and LTE MIMO Systems
  • WE205 - Materials, PCBs and Interconnects

Thursday, April 10th

  • TH101 - RF/mW passive component and antenna design
  • TH102 - Noise characterization techniques
  • TH103 - EMI, high-speed characterization and jitter analysis
  • TH104 - RADAR, Wide bandwidth systems, MIMO--OFDM and Phase Coherence
  • TH105 - MIMO wireless test and spatial channel modeling
  • TH201 - Antennas and antenna array design
  • TH202 - High power transistor characterization and thermal analysis
  • TH203 - Signal Integrity and gigabit channel measurements
  • TH204 - Radio planification, NFC, spectrum emission mask analysis and EMVCo testing
  • TH205 - Commercial resources 1

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