Select Fabricators Inc. has developed two innovative, patent-pending, non-radiating door closure systems that reduce RF/EMI leakage –  a single door double magnet system and a double door single magnet system. Focused on minimizing leakage, improving isolation, and providing easy entry and exit of the enclosures, SELECT developed the patent pending door systems. All 28 models of standard sized Select-A-Shield™ RF shielded portable enclosures and all custom configured tents now include the patent-pending features.

The single door system with two layers of magnet is available on Select- A-Shield tabletop RF EMI shielded test boxes. The 12 desktop models from 2’ x 2’ x2’ to 4’ x 4’ x 4’ include the patent pending top flap door opening that provides ease of use and secure closure. Two continuous magnet strips are permanently attached to three sides of the opening resulting in an RF EMI tight enclosure seal. Internal testing resulted in shielding effectiveness of the door to 94dB for the door panel at 916 MHz.

The double door system with a single layer of magnet in two separate doors is the new standard on all 16 models of standard size walk-in tents and all custom configured enclosures. This closure system can be specified to open in or out for ease of entry. A single strip of magnet along three sides of the door provides a tight seal, lighter weight doors, and a lower threshold for improved access.

Select-A-Shield RF/EMI enclosures are constructed with RoHS compliant, durable, lightweight, Silver/Copper/Nickel, Nova Select™ fabric; SELECT’s proprietary highly conductive material. This flexible material delivers maximum attenuation averaging -85 dB in shielding effectiveness in the range of 30 MHz to 1GHz and an average of -80 dB of shielding effectiveness in the range of 1 GHz to 10 GHz. “We developed this US based fabric to yield high conductivity for the widest range of applications, stated Lynne Woodworth, Chief Development Officer at SELECT, “We’ve done everything from die-cut parts to a shielded enclosure large enough to hold a tractor. The possibility to design shielding that assures RF / EMI isolation from off-the shelf standard configurations to custom designs is what drives SELECT.”

Select-A-Shield RF/EMI products are ideal for numerous applications including wireless device development and testing, secure communications, satellite communications testing and isolation, EMC pre-compliance, medical and aerospace equipment shielding, cellular and computer forensics and RFID shielding for commercial and industrial settings. Because Select-A-Shield products can be customized to almost any size and option configuration, application suitability is endless.