RFSW6131_SPRFMD’s new RFSW6131 is a GaAs pHEMT single-pole three-throw (SP3T) switch designed for use in cellular, 3G, LTE, and other high performance communications systems.

It offers a symmetric topology with excellent linearity and power handling capability, while also 3 V and 5 V positive logic compatible.


  • LF to 6000MHz Operation
  • Low Loss: 0.5dB (2GHz)
  • Isolation: 27dB (2GHz)
  • High IP3: 56dBm
  • P0.1dB: 31dBm (5V, 2.2GHz)
  • DFN, 1.5mm x 1.5mm Package


  • Cellular, 3G, LTE Infrastructure
  • WiBro, WiMAX, LTE
  • Wireless Backhaul
  • High Performance Communications Systems
  • GMSK, QPSK, DQPSK, QAM Modulation

RFSW6131 is currently available in production quantities. Pricing begins at $0.60 each for 1000 pieces.

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