Cobham is providing a crucial downlink as part of a Security and Support Mission Equipment Package designed to better support law enforcement and assist during state responses. This package includes a dual channel, high resolution Cobham tactical downlink system, with both FM and COFDM links. The High Resolution Downlink enables agents or National Guardsmen on the ground to use handheld receivers to see what the helicopter’s camera is viewing. It has a range up to 30 miles and can read details of a license plate from a mile away.

The Army National Guard will receive 108 UH-72 upgraded Lakota helicopters as part of this Security and Support program and will use them to support law enforcement with a number of applications including search and rescue, homeland defense, drug interdiction and border patrol.

Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance Vice President Steve Schaefer said: “The Cobham tactical downlink system has already proven how vital this technology is when only two days after receiving updated helicopters, the Louisiana National Guard used the system in a counter-drug operation. We provide the crucial link between the ground and air, helping increase the safety of the agents on the ground and enabling forces to stay one step ahead of dangerous and tense situations.”