Agilent Technologies Inc. released a new PC software tool that provides access to instrument commands for electronic test. The software, Agilent Command Expert, enables fast and easy instrument control in PC application environments.

The software tool extends the power of the Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI) and all of its documentation to help the user rapidly generate command sequences. These sequences can then be integrated into the user’s preferred environment such as Microsoft® Excel and Visual Studio®, Agilent VEE and SystemVue, and National Instruments LabVIEW. For non-SCPI instruments, IVI-COM drivers can also be utilized by Agilent Command Expert to build sequences quickly.

“Agilent has taken an innovative lead with this new software,” said Kevin Salter, Chief Engineer, KDS Systems Engineering Inc. “By offering a method for rapid prototyping of SCPI command sequences this tool allows me to focus my attention on test methodology development and less on code development. I’m very impressed with it.”

“Our customers are very busy and under constant pressure to do more faster,” said Bob Witte, Vice President, Agilent’s Technology Leadership Organization. “This software tool enables them to be more productive, which we have verified via pre-release testing with key customers.”