Richardson RFPD Inc. announces it is now providing full design-in support and logistics for the XD1008-BD medium power, distributed wideband amplifier from M/A-COM Technology Solutions. This GaAs PHEMT device provides exceptional performance and reliability characteristics beyond 40 GHz. This wideband device is designed to be used in many RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications, including broadband testing equipment, commercial and military communications systems, and EW defense applications.

Notable design features include:

• An operating frequency range of 30 kHz through 40+ GHz

•15 dB gain and P1dB = +22.5 dBm @ 22 GHz

•Noise figure as low as 2.0 dB @ 10 GHz, and 3.0 dB @ 21 GHz

•OIP3 as high as +31 dBm @ 10 GHz

•Built-in variable gain and gain-peaking capabilities (using VG2 and VG3 pins)

•Integrated detector diodes

•Rugged design with surface passivation results in enhanced ESD protection

•Extended ambient temperature range (ºC): -55 to +85 (Channel temp. ≤ 150 ºC)

•100 percent visual inspection to MIL-STD-883 Method 2010

•100 percent on-wafer RF, DC and output power testing for superior reliability and performance.