Aeroflex announced that the company has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the spectrum analyzer assets from LIGNex1 Co., Ltd. The primary assets to be acquired under the transaction include bench-top spectrum analyzer product lines that Aeroflex has offered under its own brand. These products include the 2399C, 2394A, 2395A spectrum analyzers as well as the newer 3250 Series spectrum analyzers, along with all the respective intellectual property. The closing is subject to certain delivery requirements by LIGNex1, as well as certain customary closing conditions.

LIGNex1 Co., Ltd. develops and produces a wide range of advanced precision electronic systems including missile, underwater weapon systems, radars, electronic warfare, avionics, tactical communication systems, fire control systems, naval combat systems, and electro-optics. LIG Nex1 is a leading supplier of defense electronic systems to the South Korean Defense Department. As well as developing new weapon systems for the Armed Forces of Korea, the company exports to global customers and finds new commercial and defense applications to diversify their customer base and markets. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

“The long relationship with Aeroflex and LIGNex1 will allow a smooth transition of this product line without any loss of customer support throughout the process” said Robert Vogel, President of Aeroflex Test Solutions. Mr. Vogel continued, “The addition of these spectrum analyzer products will complement our industry competitive instrument product portfolio.”

“We are confident that Aeroflex will continue to provide our customers with a world class product and customer support” said Mr. JS Kim, Senior Manager, Overseas Marketing and Business Development of LIGNex-1.

According to the Reasearch and Marketing Report, "Emerging Technologies and Standards Compel Test Equipment Vendors to Increase Product Scalability", Test and measurement (T&M) equipment vendors, particularly those offering spectrum analyzers, are challenged by the growing need to develop test equipment that can keep pace with emerging technologies in various end-user industries. This calls for designing of sophisticated open testing systems that are highly modular and flexible. Additionally, T&M vendors need to keep a close watch on developments in key industries such as the communications market, which is likely to witness a plethora of new products embracing 3G technologies in the near future. By doing so, they will be able to develop test equipment that can easily be upgraded to accommodate revisions in design and specification.

For those interested, this research report examines the world spectrum analyzer market by frequency range (upto 3GHz; up to 18GHz; and upto 26GHz and above), end-user industries (communications; aerospace, military and defense; electronics manufacturing; industrial and automotive electronics; and others), and key geographic regions. The study also discusses the prevailing market challenges and estimates the impact of each of these over the forecast period.

A spectrum analyzer is the preferred tool to measure emission from cellular communication as well as radio and television transmission towers. The proliferation of wireless local area networks (WLANs) is likely to provide greater revenue-generating opportunities to market participants, says the analyst. In addition, the emergence of other application markets such as satellite-based personal networks, home automation networks, and wireless Internet are likely to fuel demand.

Significant development in mobile communication standards have led to tighter controls on factors influencing crosstalk measurements and have created a positive impact on the spectrum analyzers market. Meanwhile, security apprehensions have compelled the U.S. Government to once again channel funds for revamping its defense programs after years of military cutbacks. This reversal in trend has increased the demand for spectrum analyzers and is expected to continue as these instruments are essential to maintain sophisticated military equipment.