Microwave Journal Mobile App Specs

Microwave Journal Mobile App Advertising

The Microwave Journal mobile app advertising package consists of a banner ad (in random rotation with up to 5 sponsors) and inclusion of the sponsor logo on the starting screen splash page. Below are the detailed specifications.

Banner ad deliverables:

  • 3 png or jpg images for each sponsor banner ad
    -Small: 320w x 50h pixels
    -Medium: 728w x 90h pixels
    -Large: 960 x 90h pixels
  • URL link for banner ad

Functional Notes:

The app will select an ad to display at random, not contextually, when viewing a screen where the ad is present with up to 5 sponsors in rotation. Banner ads appear based on screen resolution of the device being used.

Banner Locations:

  • Library ScreenNavigator/Contents
  • RSS screens
  • Search Results
  • Bookmarks