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Microcircuit Metallization Services


Metallization ServicesMetrigraphics continues to advance their process for applying metal layers to circuit substrates and to polyimide layers on multilayer circuits. The process works for both rigid and flexible circuits. Metallization layers can range in thickness from 10 microns to over 100 microns. Substrates can range up to 12" x 12" or 144 square inches.

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DuPont MCM introduces new low cost conductive inks for printed electronics

DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM) is introducing a new series of screen printed conductive ink materials for the printed electronics market, designed to offset the rising cost of silver. Utilizing proprietary technology and under typical processing conditions used for many printed electronic applications, DuPont PE8XX series conductive inks can provide low resistivity with 20 percent or more potential cost savings for manufacturers.

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