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Contact: Charles Dewey
Title: Vice President
Phone: (401) 435-3555
Fax: (401) 435-3558


Evans Capacitor Company
72 Boyd Avenue
East Providence RI 02914
United States


THQA2 Hybrid Capacitors

The THQA2 hybrid capacitors from Evans Capacitor Company utilizes sintered tantalum anodes and ruthenium oxide coated cathodes operating in aqueous electrolyte.
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Capattery Capacitor

The Capattery is a new high-reliability double layer capacitor from Evans Capacitor Company. It is an ideal standby power source in memory back-up and bridge power applications. It has more than twenty times the capacitance density of conventional capacitors, essentially unlimited cycle life, and stable operating performance throughout the -55¡ to +85¡C temperature range.
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THQS2 Hybrid Capacitors

This document contains specific electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements and specifications for THS2 series tantalum case shock hardened Hybrid¨ Capacitors from Evans Capacitor Company.
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